The Death of the Pre-Order Collectible

As a collector, it's natural to want the latest releases as soon as possible. However, pre-ordering mainstream lines may not be the best way to achieve this goal. In fact, pre-ordering has its disadvantages that can affect the uniqueness and value of your collection. So perhaps clicking pre-order isn't as 'Savvi' as you think, and we'll tell you why!

One of the biggest disadvantages of pre-ordering is that it can result in collectors having almost identical collections. Pre-ordering mainstream lines can also contribute to collections becoming increasingly similar, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. The whole point of collecting is to create something unique to you and your interests, and pre-ordering can have the opposite effect.

Another downside to pre-ordering is that it often means waiting a long time for your collectible to arrive. Manufacturers often manipulate the pre-order process to match the supply with the demand, which can result in long wait times and uncertainty about whether or not your item will arrive at all. We've all had it where we pre-order an item and then we wait over a year and something turns up that we didn't expect or no longer want. Or sometimes it doesn't come at all, or you're asked to keep waiting, and keep waiting.

Furthermore, pre-ordering can impact the rarity and value of your collectible. When you pre-order an item, you're essentially telling the manufacturer how many to produce, which can result in oversaturation of the market. This oversaturation means that the item is unlikely to become rare, and therefore, its value is more likely to decrease than increase over time. As much as they try to make it seem like pre-ordering is a must, the reality is that the supply will always outweigh the demand which means the value of your collectible will more likely go down that up.

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